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48% of 1.3 billion people in India, are women who contribute  only 17%  to the country's total economic value

According to World Bank estimates, India ranks among the lowest in the world for female labour participation.

Sari Dress
Sari Dress



আমরা  তিন -  দ্য উইমেনস কালেকটিভ

A non-profit, non-governmental organisation trying to spark the conversation about the lives of women in India.

Rural, urban, young and old, we cater to women everywhere and we talk about the issues women face through their own personal stories, in their own voice.

Our writers write around the context of women, their status, difficulties faced in Indian societies.


The collective is mad up of women and non binary people while our writers are people of all genders.

Let's challenge the idea about women, and encourage women to live by their own rules.

Let's start the conversation.

Portrait with Veil
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